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Platform: PC
Maker: Fummy
Translated: vgperson
Genre: Survival Horror
Author: Ao-kun

One more interesting indie game created using RPG Maker. Slightly different from Ib, which has quite a lot of dialogue, The Witch's House minimal dialogue. But that does not mean The Witch's House is not stressful. Many events in this game that can make you panic when you play it. Do not underestimate the game with graphics "normal" is, because the story will make you stunned shock.

            You can control the Viola (yellow-haired girl) by using the arrow keys. Speak with a black cat on the left if you like, then go to the south side. Check rerumpunan roses that stand in your way, then find a hidden path to the left. Follow this path to achieve something shiny and check by using the Spacebar.
            Machete and you will get instructions on how to play this game. Log into inventory by using ESC, now you only have a Machete and Letter. Back north and use the 2x Machete in rerumpunan rose to pave the way. You can only use the items into inventory, the item will not be used automatically. You will know why later.
            Continue north and talk to the black cat to save as much as 2x. Make sure you have done a save before entering the house in front of you.
            When you sign in, there is no other way than through the door in front of you. Inside, watch the blood spill on the floor. Avoid moving around and read the paper taped to the wall. Back to the outside while avoiding the bloodshed and you will appear in the new room. You can not get out and is now a black cat in the house with you.
GAME OVER # 1: Hit the blood spill you see.
            Go right and you will see a hallway in the north and the door on the right. Follow the first hallway to the north and you will be taken to the workspace. Check the cabinet in the right corner and REMEMBER! This cabinet will hold the role for one of the open ending soon. Check the pile of toys on the lower right side and grab the Teddy Bear. Read The Witch's Diary on the table, then back to the room where the cat is black.
            Continue to the left and approached the table where a pair of scissors were. Go to Inventory and select Teddy Bear to cut it. You will get a Teddy Bear torso. Back to the hall to work, but this time enter the door at the bottom right. Approached the basket and use the Teddy Bear bears Torso. Remember, you can get away with using the Z, you'll need it soon.
            Try to go back to the main room and it will appear a big bear. IMMEDIATELY run to the right to avoid it. Successful escape from it, you can return to the main room and enter the room with scissors. Near the door to the north and pick a new Teddy Bear Limbs falling. After taking it, open the door to the north.
GAME OVER # 2: Let yourself be overtaken by a giant teddy bear.
            You will arrive in the dining room, note that there is a bowl of green soup at the table. Just push the chair is blocking, but you can not do anything. The door at the bottom right will take you back to the main room, so enter the door at the top right to arrive in the kitchen. There is a "person" who was cooking in the kitchen, approached him and gave Teddy Bear Limbs.
GAME OVER # 3: tasting soup on the table.
GAME OVER # 4: Talk to the cook in the kitchen and offered "assistance".
            You will get a Silver Key, go back to the dining room and use the Silver Key in the toxic soup that is on the table (Put key in soup). Back to the kitchen and open the door on the right already. Come to proceed to the next floor.
            Arriving on the second floor, to the left and ignore the first door you see first. Black cat waiting for the right armor. Enter the door on both sides to enter the Library. Read all the books on the shelf, especially in the top left shelf (Funny Story) for a surprise. There are no visible figure on the lower right side, first ignore him and leave this room.
            Now go through the door that you previously left off. On the left, push the barrel down so you can take notes on the wall. To the right and check out one of the barrel to get the Rope. You will see a butterfly trapped in a spider's web, ignore the first and leave this room. Back to the library and provide Rope to figure not seen in this room. He will give Book of Death.
GAME OVER # 5: Picking a butterfly trapped in a spider's web and tried to leave the room.
GAME OVER # 6: Reading the Book of Death.
            Out of the library and into the room on the south side. Check the display case at the bottom, then go to the right side of the room to find a bookshelf. Use the Book of Death ...... DO NOT READ! Do not read and select Put Book on shelf. Now it's time to the left and RUN! Run to the right around the bookshelves to avoid these creatures and quickly leave the room.
GAME OVER # 7: Caught a strange creature in this room.
            Arriving outside, breathe first and re-entry. Check the display case at the bottom to take the Butterfly model. Exit and return to the room with cobwebs. Check a butterfly in a spider's web and take to get Butterfly. Then use the Butterfly Models in the spider nest (Put Butterfly Model in a web) and you can get out quietly. Dipaling left door will open, so go there and you will arrive at the next floor.
            Save if you like, check the blood on the wall and enter the door to the south. IMMEDIATE avoid leading knife at you. Move to the south side while avoiding the 3 blades that emerge from the back side. Arrive in the next room, go through the left door and "talk" with the frog. Select Nod and you will get a Frog. Out of this room and go to the south side. You will see a lever, use Frog to pull the lever.
GAME OVER # 8: a knife impaled in the hallway.
GAME OVER # 9: Crossing own "rope" slim to activate the lever.
            Black cat door on the right will open and you can enter into it. This room you have to make room left inversely proportional to the room on the right side. First, check the small closet in the middle of the room and grab the Piece of Cake. Then check the dish rack on the right side and select Rearrange room until position is inversely proportional to the plate rack on the left side of the room.
            Approached 3 seats left in the room and place the middle chair Frog. Take Rose at the table and push the pot plants right here to be moved to the left side of the room, next to a potted plant another one. Place the cake to the table on the right, in the right position (inversely proportional to the table on the left). Now check pots of roses on the left and right side of the room.
            Pots of roses on the left side only has 5 roses, so use Rose in the flower pot. Now check the painting on the right side of the room, next to the shelf plate. Press the switch to turn it in this painting. Move to the left side of the room and check the notes on the wall to tear it up. The door on the right will open, but take longer Frog before leaving this room.
            Read Witch's Diary on the table as well as notes on the wall. Inhale and enter the door on the south side. Move on and do not care about you, just move straight and do not twist. Ignore also that you see a black cat, and continue until you arrive in the next room. In the next room, read the notes on the floor and check the left door. Do not open it, select the Frog and frog Put in window and force it in..
GAME OVER # 10: Passing through the hallway, pressing the right or the left.
GAME OVER # 11: Opening the door before entering the door to the frog.
            After sacrificing frog, you can open the door and continue south. Skip row cat sculpture to enter the next door. Read notes on the wall and move to the right. Discover the face with two eyes open, then move a little to the left so that you see one on the left eye closed and one eye open on the right. Check the wall in the middle of the eye to find the "mouth" of new (Puzzle 01).
GAME OVER # 12: Entering the mouth of the false face.
            Step into the mouth, follow the long hallway that will take you to the next floor.
            Read the paper on the floor and save if you like. Enter the door to the north first and read Eye Studies at the upper left bookshelf. Check the door is locked, then check out the piano and leave this room.
GAME OVER # 13: Playing the piano.
            Enter the room on the right below, and then find the 4 painting "Mona Lisa". Stand in front of the Mona Lisa with black hair, then move straight south to check out the wall. Pull the paper to get a Sheet of Music. IMMEDIATELY avoid menghampirimu Monalisa painting and run to position the Mona Lisa in the north. There is one vacant position, so check and ripped the painting.
GAME OVER # 14: Caught painting after getting a Sheet of Music.
GAME OVER # 15: Interesting paper one by following a wrong view of the painting.
            Check the pumpkin that does not have as much as 4x face to open the door to the north. Enter the door open and read the notes on the wall. The correct answer is a clock, so check the clock on the right statue man to get Queen Key. Back to the room where a black cat waiting. This time enter the left door, approached the music box in the north and use the Queen Key to activate it.
GAME OVER # 16: Turning Music Box without Queen Key.
            Leave this room and go back to the right, this time enter the door to the north again. Use Sheet of Music in piano (Place sheet music), BUT do not play the piano. Let it go and will play his own piano. You will get a King Key after his own piano playing.
GAME OVER # 17: Playing the piano after putting Sheet of Music.
            Return to the room with the puzzle (which opens after checking pumpkin). Slide the seat forward so that you can ride hours, then use the King Key to activate the clock. Back to the piano room, the door to the north is now open. Talk to the statue next room of women, then back to the piano room. Check the emerging fireplace and you can descend.
GAME OVER # 18: ignoring female statue, force open the next door and up the stairs.
            You will be returned to the dining room at 1F, enter the kitchen and on the north side there is a new door closed. Ignore first and check the soup is cooked. Turn off the heat and open the lid. Now start up a new door on the right to enter a new room. Go to the far left side of the skull pile and check here to get the Gold Chopsticks.
            Back to the kitchen and use the Gold Chopsticks in the soup. You will get the Pig Ring. Back to the room full of skulls to restore the Gold Chopsticks, place in Ribs and leave this room. Out of the kitchen and you only have a little time to escape back into the fireplace and into the room with the piano, so move on quickly and try to avoid obstacles in your way.
GAME OVER # 19: Restore the chopstick into the wrong position (eye socket, for example).
GAME OVER # 20: Failed to run away after getting out of the kitchen.
            After successful escape, return to the statue and the woman gave him Pig Ring. You can now open the door on the right and continue to the next floor. Just follow the long hallway until you can open the next door. Here you live in order to position the doll according to their colors. You can only move one by one, the doors will open once went wrong.
            Note the white flowers under the tree as it will be required later. Go to the left. Ignore the first yellow flowers on the table and continue to the left. Cross the bed here and check the underside of the table to get the Skull. Having got it, talk with yellow flowers on the underside of the table. In the upper left room, next to the clock, you can read the Witch's Diary on the table.
GAME OVER # 21: Check the clock in the room and touched her.
            Now enter the room right next to the black cat, read Talkative Plant in the table. If you follow the hallway to the north, the door to the north will take you to an empty room. Remember this room and back to the south. Take the Skull of the chair, and then continue to the right until the end to talk to the 3 red flowers. Listen to all their explanations and back to white flowers under a tree.
GAME OVER # 22: Repeal of white flowers in the wrong way.
            Talk with the white flowers and you will get 3 options. Pick Pluck, then check out the rest of the white flowers to get Flower Petal. Talk back with the yellow flowers and get the White Powder. Back to the prison area and check the jail to two. Give White Powder to ... anyone inside, and the cage will be dropped. Check the cage and open the door.
            Return to the room with a black cat and go north, the road is open now. Once inside, move quickly check the top right shelf, middle shelf for the Empty Bottle, and then get out. Log in again and this time check the top left shelf, far left side to get the Skull, out again as soon as possible.
GAME OVER # 23: Surviving in toxic room for more than 15 seconds.
            Now enter the prison area again, but away to the north and the plant on the right has gone so you can pass. Check the urn in the hallway to get the Skull again and proceed to the right to arrive at the room full of skulls. Now you have to position the correct position of each skull. Here is the solution:
Top Left: Facing frontward.
Top Right: Facing frontward.
Bottom left: Facing left.
Bottom Right: Facing right.
            Once everything is in the correct position, pull the lever on the wall to hear the sound of water. Prepare finger in Z and leave this room. As it passes through the broken jars, ran into the previous room and moving around because the skull is still chasing. Keep running towards the park to be safe and the skull will not chase you anymore.
GAME OVER # 24: Caught a giant skull.
            Once you are calm, go back to the prison area and this time enter the door dipaling north. The room is now filled with water, so use Empty Bottle to fill it with water. After the bottle is filled with water, use Flower Petal Flower Petal and insert into the bottle (Put Petals in bottle). Return to the room with yellow flowers and enter the south door.
GAME OVER # 25: Talking with tadpoles in the water room.
            You can see in the dark, though very limited. Just follow the path until you find a road to the north, ignore it and continue to the left. When finding the road to the south, follow this road past some statues. Continue, ignore the path to the north and take the path to the left. Keep going until you come across a book shelf, bookcase check the far right to get Jade Pipe.
            Now quickly go back to the exit, just ignore the other streets and approach the door you will lose your bottle. Just run straight until you leave this place. Go to the jail area again and approached the second door, in which you use before White Powder.
GAME OVER # 26: In a dark room, if you check the bottom of one side of the table, you will find a wrist watch. Take and try to leave the room.
            In this second prison door, use the Jade Pipe (Toss in jade pipe) in the window and door on the left will open. Come inside and check the white cloth on the north side to get Red Shoes. Out of this room and go into the room of water, wash Red Shoes to get the Glass Shoes. Try to go back to the park and the "friends" you'll be back. Water ran into the room so he disappeared, and then returned to the park.
GAME OVER # 27: Wearing Red Shoes.
            Now go through the door in the north and runs just keep going north because you have only 15 seconds. Ignore the path to the right and enter the door to the north. Read Witch's Diary on the table, then enter the door to the north. Check the door here and enter the code 6-0-0-6 to open it. Check the cupboard second from top left (there is a red thing in it) and grab Cute Little Bottle.
            Go to the left and something will be thrown into. To retrieve it, move to the right side and get ready to run. Take Doll Head and IMMEDIATELY leave this room.
GAME OVER # 28: Failed to escape from the room after taking Doll Head.
            Back to previous toxic hallway, the hallway is now free of toxins. In the middle of the hallway, there is a door on the right, so go there to take Headless Doll. Back to the garden, save and enter another room with dolls. Select and combine it with the Headless Doll Head Doll. Put Doll altar to the left to open a secret passage.
            Climb down the ladder and continue to follow the road until you arrive at the last floor. Open the last door and entered the bedroom. Check the Witch Diary at the right table, and IMMEDIATELY SAVE escape from this room. Move quickly to avoid all things that try to stop you because pengejarmu moving very fast. In the dining room, the south door could not be opened, so use the bottom left door. On arriving at the main entrance, there are two options that can be done.
Jump to leave this house with entering the main door.
Towards workspace (where you collect Teddy Bear earlier) and took Ellen's Knife in the closet that was previously locked. Having got it, leave the house by entering the main door ... While avoiding pengejarmu course.
GAME OVER # 29: Caught by pengejarmu.
Successful leave this house, follow the path to the south and grab Letter at the beginning you start. Read the two letters that you get to find out the story a bit further. Forward to the south and use the Cute Little Bottle trees to roses that stand in your way. Follow the path and enjoy the ending.
NORMAL ENDING: Direct fled without taking Ellen's Knife.
TRUE ENDING: Take Ellen's Knife before escaping from the house.
PERFECT ENDING: Do not do the save at all (do not talk to black cat) and took Ellen's Knife.

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